Features & Specifications

  • Power: 12 to 24 VDC, 50mA, 1W.
  • Surface mounted and anti-tailgate protected
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 Standard
  • Operating distance: 50 meters
  • Proximity distance: 50 meters (configurable, for handsfree)
  • Operating Temperature: -10º to + 40ºC
  • Relay current: 5A max
  • Bi-stable Relay: When you select to enable Bi-stable function, you can press down the E button for few seconds to activate and keeps the door unlocked indefinitely.
  • LED Lights:
    • Blue (Bluetooth is active)
    • Green (Unlock status)
    • Red (Power reset – Administration for the Master to reset)
  • Built-in Buzzer:
    Ideal to warn of prolonged door open, 85dBA.
  • 1 Master (Default logon password 12345). 196 Users.
  • To reset/change the Master account, restart the power of E-Access device, and then enter the password 12345 (default) within 30 seconds.
  • To skip the 30 sec wait, you may press an exit button that you may have already installed, and the LED light on the reader will then change from Red to Blue.
  • E-Access device can be operated with magnetic door locks, strikes, exit buttons, door sensors, power supplies, etc.

How Does E-Access Work?

E-Access allows users to unlock any door with a smartphone via bluetooth technology. E-Access E1196 app is a smart app, not only you can quickly control access, but also you can grant/disable access and manage users in a very quick and simple way.

Can I Use E-Access with My Existing Cell Phone?


As long as an existing cell phone is a Bluetooth smart phone it can be used for E-Access. You may even unlock the door while on a phone call.

How Can I Get E-Access APP on My Cell Phone?

Download “E-Access”APP through Apple store or Google play store.