LED Indicator Lights

Narrow stile, Robust, Convenient


Magnetic Contacts

Use for Door Position Detection

GEM Magnetic Contacts enable access control systems to monitor the open or closed state of a door and are ideal for commercial application or industrial use. Screws are included.


Door Latches

Innovative, Flexible, Secure


Buzzer Bridge Rectifiers

Useful Gadgets

GEM Buzzer Bridge Rectifiers can serve as an added security to your access control system. The SM1224BZ-1A has two combined features: an In-line power controller with built-in surge protection and a piezo buzzer beeps every time the door is being activated to open. The SM1224-TBZ includes adjustable relock time delay and provides countdown beeps until the door is locked. These models can be connected to fail-secure or fail-safe electrified locks.