NEW Products

Access Control Bluetooth Keypad

◆ Programmable PIN codes by administrator

◆ Up to 1000 users, 1000 trailing access logs

◆ Unlock by smart handheld devices or PIN code

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NEW AD500 The Most Convenient, Reliable, and Versatile Automatic Door Operator

The AD500 automatic door operator is a door opening and closing device and can be adapted to a wide range of applications. It can be mounted on either side of the door header for pull or push action, and suitable for single or double doors, inward or outward opening, left or right handed with fail-safe or fail-secure locking.

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NEW EB270 Series Electric Dropbolt

The EB270 is designed with a deadlatch to prevent the latchbolt from being forced back with a knife or credit card when the door is closed, providing higher security control.