Access Controls

Bluetooth Access Control System

GEM’s E-Access devices incorporate wireless Bluetooth technology to provide smart access control management that merges security with convenience. Bluetooth mobile access function allows users to unlock doors or open gates from a distance. These Bluetooth devices offer phone/keypad/card access and also include exit button input to monitor both ingress and egress.

DG-800 Plus
Bluetooth Access Control Proximity Reader

Push Button

Online Networked System

An online access control system connects to a computer and keeps full access records of card users. The Master can add or delete a card, view access records and grant users access authorization depending on location and time. The ST-640E online networked access controller has built-in RS485 interface for connection to a PC host, which allows for an expandable access control system.

Network Access Controller

Network Auxiliary Reader

RS485 Converter

RS485 Converter