Vision & Mission Statements

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Gianni Industries, Inc. (GEM®) is one of the Taiwan's leading manufacturers in producing high safety and quality access control hardware products. The company was established in October 1992, and specialized in electromagnet locking devices. Currently, the main distribution outlets are over than 70 countries across USA, South America, Australia, European Countries, South-east Asia and Middle East, etc. Our commitment to quality and customer service has been recognized by over many worlds' well-known institutions in Taiwan and in many well-known International Airport buildings around the world . We were among several manufactories to receive the CE and UL attestation, and received with over 20 different countries' patents such as USA, Germany, UK, France, Australia, and Mainland China, which indicates our products meet the needs of almost any security standard in the world.

Our registered logo"GEM®" means Gianni Electro Magnet. GEM® was originally a electromagnetic locking device manufacturer and then gradually extended to high safety and quality access control hardware industry . The meaning of GEM is jewel, which means the quality of our products"strong like a foundation stone"

The Gemstone of Access Control Industry

Nowadays technology plays an important role in our lives. More advanced technological applications have been developed to integrate with access control system, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or biometric recognition. Gianni Inc., a leading manufacturer of access control products and solutions, not only upgrades its capabilities to improve security products, but also commits itself to achieving high performance and reliability.

About GEM®

GEM® stands for “Gianni Electro Magnet”, since the company establishment in 1992, G.E.M. has become a world class manufacturer in the field of Electromagnetic Locks for Access Control Systems. Gianni Industries, Inc. (GEM®) has marketed across the globe in over 109 countries, mainly in United States, Europe, Australia, and we have seen growth in the Middle East, South America over the past years. G.E.M. products are installed in hub airport such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Birmingham International Airport, Sydney Airport, Melbourne Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok Airport)…etc.

Certification and Patents

Our commitment to quality and customer service has been recognized by well-known institutions around the world. We are among manufacturers to receive CE and UL attestations, as well as patents in over 30 different countries, such as USA, Germany, UK, France, Australia, and Mainland China.