About GEM

Gianni Industries, Inc. (GEM®) is one of the top leading manufacturers in Taiwan providing the world’s best quality access control products. Established in 1992, GEM® specializes in electromagnetic locking devices and provides access control hardware products around the world.

GEM, a leading access control manufacturer, not only focuses on technological advances on security solutions but also commits itself to high quality products and services. Our logo GEM® stands for “Gianni Electro Magnet.” GEM also means jewel, indicating that our product quality is as strong and durable as stone. We hope that GEM has always been the jewel of access control industry.


GEM has 8 departments and 80 employees.

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Company History | Notable Achievements

Established over 25 years, GEM has grown to become a world-class manufacturer of access control components.

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We have received patents and certifications over 20 countries.

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We strengthen market presence globally, develop innovative products and offer customer-focused services.

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We have been committed to product design and production efficiency in recent years.

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We aim to be the top leading manufacturer in access control industry.

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